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I am 45 years old Finnish male, 6 ft/180 lbs. I have backpacked since 80’s. My goal is to walk as far as possible without resupply. I hike in Norway and Sweden wilderness areas. I really like autumn, so that is the time for my hikes. I hike solo.

I am lightweight backpacker. My full skin out weight is now about 20 lbs without consumables, but I’m going lighter. I carry 2-2.5 lbs/day of food. In test hikes I have lost my body weight about 3.5-4 lbs a week. I eat cold food, but carry stove to make coffee and tea. It is very possible that I’ll leave stove and pot home some day. I love simplicity and freedom when hiking solo.

So far I have made two training hikes: 185 miles in 12 days and 240 miles in 14 days, both without resupply. About half of miles are footpaths or marked footpaths.

After two longer training hikes I feel self-confident and relaxed when hiking solo. My next training hike would be 280-300 miles in 14 days. After third training hike I would try hiking 400 miles  in 18 days without resupply.

Why? To have an opportunity to hike longer, to be alone in wilderness, to learn new skills. Because I love backpacking. For myself, not to brake any records.

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Coming soon, so please be patient.

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